‘I remember living in the countryside in a small country, dreaming of becoming a successful business woman with many children and a loving husband. I had no idea how I’ll get there, but it was really clear in my mind, that I’ll have it.

And now, I am at the seaside in beautiful Spain with the best husband and the cutest son ever, running a global business on the Internet while being a full time mommy for my baby.’

Are you dreaming about something similar?

Then be part of our mompreneur network, Nu Beauty Mom, where women, moms support each other on their way to success.

When I ask moms about what is their biggest fear? They usually tell me, that going back to their job and having no time for their children. Why it should be like this?

Nowadays, more and more women decide to become independent, running their own business, managing their own time.

having flexible working hours, as you decide when do you want to work;

having the best opportunity to make as much money as you want;

working in a very supportive global team;

getting all the knowledge and support what you need completely free to learn how to succeed through constant online trainings;

having incentive luxury trips where we are going together.

If you’re a woman with the desire of making an even greater impact while living in a way that totally lights you up, we are here to support you on reaching all that’s possible in your life.

You are looking for a business model that gives you freedom to live life on your terms?

We are helping women learn, connect, and grow their online businesses!

It’s time to stop dreaming, and stop making excuses and dive into your new life!

The Nu Beauty Mom is a fantastic place for you to share ideas, gather opinions, network, make friends, and learn from one another. 

Hi Moms!

I would like to share a couple of moments and thoughts with you😊 I started to build my own business 3 years ago. Since my beautiful daughter was born, I can’t imagine our life other way! I am so grateful that I can work on my own schedule, be with her anytime, have fun together and earn money from home.🤩  This is the life I was always dreaming of because it gives me freedom🙏 I don’t say its always easy but as a Mom we can do more than people think, we have a power and here, as a Nu Beauty Mom, we can support each other and it helps a lot❤️🙏Enjoy this journey, be part of the Nu Beauty Mom❤️

Viktória Bogó, Hungary

I started this business…

almost 2 years ago along with my friends. I was on maternity leave with my 6 months daughter, desperately looking for some business opportunities. Why? I was always finacially independent and had my own business during last 12 years, working as a freelancer in the cultural field but it didn’t give me regular incomes. My approach to business changed when I gave a birth to my second child – I felt that I want to have a total impact on the working hours plus give to myself and my family financial freedom. Money doesn’t make us happy but makes us feel more safe. After 2 years I can honestly say I have not only this. We have now a wonderful business which helped hundreds of women, mothers but not only, to feel independent and financially safe, to feel understood, appreciated. I am so proud of what we are doing, I am so proud of all those ladies, moms, who took a challenge in their lives. This is the best business opportunity you can imagine. And I can say that as an entrepreneur who was active in other businesses for almost 12 years. Highly recommend!

Joanna Plesnar, Poland

97% of people who quit too soon spend their liFes working for the 3% who never gave up…


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